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Analysis of Network Robustness for a Japanese Business Relation Network by Percolation Simulation

Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Modeling and Simulation; and Econophysics Colloquium 2014

This paper describes the application of percolation theory to a Japanese business relation network composed of approximately 3,000,000 links. In this network, we examined the process in which links are randomly removed. At the percolation transition point, we calculate the survival rate for each node as an indicator of its global network connectivity. The basic properties of each node are determined in connection with the values characterizing these complex networks, such as the link number and job category. We confirm that this index has a strong correlation with the degree and shell number, also has a significant correlation with sales and the number of employees. Finally, we define the network robustness for each prefecture in Japan by using this new indicator.

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Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hirokazu Kawamoto, Hideki Takayasu, and Misako Takayasu

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