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Estimation of Business Relationship by Business Location and Estimation of Industry Statistics from the View Point of Trading Distance

The 51st Civil Engineering Studies Research Presentation · Lecture Collection

Research focusing on intercompany transactions spans multiple disciplines including economics, management, and physics. With the availability of business microdata, the research on trading distance on trading relationships and supply chain analysis has increased in recent years. An inter-firm transaction can be viewed as a flow of money or the flow of goods/services. Often the flow of goods takes place between local establishments whereas, the flow of money is between business headquarters. To better understand the economic activity in the local economy, it is important to develop a good knowledge of the flow of goods between local establishments. In this research, we develop a methodology for allocating the inter-firm transactions data that often reflect the money flow between headquarters, to the local establishment level.

University of Tsukuba
Yasuaki Kikukawa and Tsutsumi Morito

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