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A New Method of Estimating Locality of Industry Cluster Regions Using
Large-scale Business Transaction Data

Proceedings of CUPUM

In an industry cluster, many firms are tightly coupled with each other via business transactions. Firms and people are actively engaging in the trade of intermediate or final goods. Given this, an industrial cluster is an area of the local economy. The Japanese government is attempting to understand the industrial structure and the nature of transactions in local areas for effective local revitalization policy. Previous studies of industrial areas were limited to case studies, given the difficulty of collecting firm data. With large-scale inter-firm transactions data, it is possible to extract industrial cluster and comprehensively analyze local areas. Our research uses a new definition of local area based on industrial clusters and we consider the industrial structure of local areas with the view of helping policymakers formulate effective local revitalization policies

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The University of Tokyo
Akeyama, Y., Akiyama, Y. and Shibasaki, R.

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