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Peculiarity on the Structure of Metropolitan Areas Based on Networks of Inter-firm Deals

Journal of City Planning Institute of Japan Vol50(3)

Importance to build industrial accumulations on the scale of metropolitan areas in order to develop provincial cities is indicated. However, current policies to promote industrial accumulations don’t have the viewpoint of where to locate within metropolitan areas. In this paper, the author presented two models of accumulations (central place theory and economic base model) and reveals peculiarity of location depending on distance from city centers analyzing the structure of deals between firms. In order to realize this, the author classifies companies grounding on distribution (inter/outer the metropolitan area) of their selling and buying. As a result, while industrial accumulations based on central place model in any size of city are formed at city center, industrial accumulations based on core industry model are formed at far suburban areas except large cities populated more than one million.

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The University of Tokyo
Ryo Fukuda, Tetsuo Kidokoro, and Ryo Sato

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