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Comparing Official Statistics on the Flow of Goods and Services with Inter-firm Transactions Data

Public Works Association Proceedings D3 (Civil Engineering Science)

In the spatial economic equilibrium model, inter-regional input-output tables capturing inter-regional trade is utilized. In this paper, we investigate a new method for compiling inter-regional trade using a census on the flow of goods, road transportation census and corporate transaction data maintained by private enterprises, with the view of analyzing social capital improvements in the segmented spatial scales. We compared our results to that of official inter-regional input-output statistics and found at the 9 block level where the interregional input-output table is maintained, the official input table values are correlated with the census on the flow of goods, and the presence or absence of businesses. When applied to the municipal level subdivision, we found that both data sets have problems that need to be addressed.

Fukken Co., Ltd.
Keisuke Sato, Yasuaki Kikugawa, and Junji Koike

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