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Input-Output Table Constructed with Private Business Establishment on Company Information Data

Proceedings of The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 2016(AI-Biz 2016)

The input-output table presents the flow of goods among each industrial group in a domestic economy. Akagi (2015) and Ohsato (2016) develop an algorithm for compiling input-output tables using private company data on inter-firm transactions held by Teikoku Databank (TDB). One of the problems associated with the use of inter-firm transactions data is that TDB’s inter-firm transactions data is recorded at business headquarter level instead of business establishment level. This paper utilizes an allocation method developed in Kikukawa (2015) to assign transactions from head-office to business establishment level, to produce better regional level input-output tables. The methodology is verified by comparing the results to the official input-output tables of Gunma prefecture.

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Takaya Ohsato, Kaya Akagi, and Hiroshi Deguchi

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