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Mutual Connections of Economic Zones Based on Inter-Firm Relationships in Japan

The Japan Association of Economic Geographers Annual Report

There are many previous studies describing the connections between urban areas, but the majority of these are described based on secondary demands such as work and school commuting. In this paper, we try to describe connections among urban areas based on intrinsic demands such as trading or financial relationships. Consequently, the monopolar concentration in the Tokyo metropolitan area was clearly seen while regional centers like Osaka and Fukuoka also have a level of measurable centrality. Focusing on trading networks, there are significant differences between centralities in the order receiving and ordering in regional cities such as Fukuoka and Sendai. Looking at financing networks, there are relatively stronger connections with adjacent areas while those links are relatively weak when compared to large cities. Also, the networks of small and medium enterprises tend to be scattered.

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Tokyo University, Ryo Fukuda, Tetsuo Kidokoro, and Fumihiko Setai

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