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Geo-visualization of Hierarchical Time Series Inter-Municipality Transaction

Journal of the Japan Society for Digital Archive

The paper outlines the development of a new visualization system to visualize transaction clusters on a 3-dimensional digital earth using graph drawings and expressing their hierarchy by changing the altitude of the start and end points of the edges. Transaction clusters existing in chronological order are dynamically visualized using the time slider application and the color of edges are adjusted according to the transaction amount. The new visualization system makes it possible to simultaneously grasp information on the start and end nodes in the transaction cluster, the hierarchy of each node and the chronology of transactions. As the transaction clusters are extracted under the same condition, over time, it is possible to visually see the change in transactions, reflecting a change in company strategy. The new visualization system is a useful platform for obtaining knowledge about the transaction structure and chronology of change from inter-firm transaction network data, regardless of the level of data analysis skill.

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Tokyo Metropolitan University, Kohei Arimoto and Hidenori Watanave

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