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Japan's Business Failures in June 2017

There were 751 bankruptcies, marking the fifth consecutive month of year-on-year increase.
Liabilities totaled 278,294 million yen, the first year-on-year increase in three months.
(If the revealed amount of claims has been made to Takata Corporation is included, this figure comes to 1,608,294 million yen.)

Bankruptcies 751
Year-to-Year basis +0.5%
Last Year same month 747
Month-to-month basis ▲4.2%
Last month 784
Liabilities 278,292 million yen
Year-to-Year basis +172.0%
Last Year same month 102,330 million yen
Month-to-month basis +189.4%
Last month 96,172 million yen

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