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Survey of Corporate Attitudes with respect to Promoting Women

Average percentage of managerial positions appointed to women stands at 6.6%, a 0.2 point increase over the previous year
— With regard to the status of utilizing and promoting women, over 10% of companies have their eye on external human resources —


As the working-age population decreases and double-income households increase, thus heightening the presence of women in the workplace, the government has made the active promotion of women a key strategy for growth. Furthermore, companies are ever more aware that the utilization women is essential to growthand are thus positioning said utilizationto incorporate new perspectives and to reform the working styles of men, not just as a measure for securing a labor force in the face of labor shortages.

Therefore, Teikoku Databank has conducted a survey of corporate opinions with respect to the utilization and promotion of women. Note that this survey was conducted in conjunction with the July 2016 TDB Trends Research. The survey with respect to the promotion of women is the fourth such survey following the July 2013 survey, the July 2014 survey, and the July 2015 survey.

*Survey Period: July 15 – 31, 2016; Companies Surveyed: 23,639; Valid Responses: 10,285 (Response Rate: 43.5%).

*Details of this survey can be found on the dedicated Economic Trend Survey HP. (

Primary points of survey results(summary)

  1. 1 50.0%, or fully half, of the companies had no women managers, on the other hand, the percentages of companies having “10% or more but less than 20%” or “20% or more but less than 30%” women managers increased, and thus an average of 6.6% of managers were women, which is a 0.2 point increase over the previous year. On the other hand, while an average of 24.2% of all employees were women, which is the same level as the previous year,an average of 8.7% of officers were women, which is a 0.3 point increase over the previous year.
  2. 2 23.5% of the companies expected the percentage of women managers to increasegoing forward.
  3. 3 42.5%, or more than four out of ten, of the companies were “promoting the utilization and promotion of in-house human resources” to utilize and promote women, while 11.1% of the companies were “promoting the utilization and promotion of external human resources.” As a result, over 70% of the companies were “able to leverage the talents of both men and women.”
  4. 4 81.7% of companies with 301 or more employees, which are required to develop action plans for promoting female employees, had already completed action plans while43.1% of the companies were making specific “efforts with respect to the aggressive hiring of women,” which is the highest percentage ever. Even 49.1%, or about half, of companies with 300 or fewer employees, which are required to make efforts toward developing such plans, have formulated plans.
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