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Economic Trends Research, December 2021

Economic DI in over half of business sectors surpassed the pre-Covid level.
— However, a polarization trend has appeared n recovery speed among business sectors —

Overview of December 2021: Recovery trend

The economic diffusion index (DI) in December 2021 was 43.9, up 0.8 points from the previous month, and improved for the fourth straight month. Although the domestic economy continued to recover gradually, a gap in the degree of recovery among business sectors was evident.

Future outlook: Recovery trend

The economy is believed to be on a gradual recovery trend, albeit influenced by the status of infection by the mutated variant.

Primary points of survey results(summary)

  1. 1 By industry: While the economy has surpassed the pre-Covid level in 29 business sectors, shortages and soaring costs of raw materials continue.
  2. 2 By size: Improved in all sizes for the fourth straight month, with positive factors of larger turnout of people and production recovery.
  3. 3 By region: Improved in nine of the ten regions. Automobile-related and public works, etc., became positive factors.
Economic Trends Research, December 2021
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