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Economic Trends Research, July 2022

Domestic economy worsened, albeit slightly,for the first time in five months
— Amid wave of price hikes, additional blow by rapid increase in people infected —

Overview of July 2022: Worsening slightly

The economic diffusion index (DI) in July 2022 was 41.3, down 0.1 from the previous month, worsening for the first time in five months. The domestic economy worsened, albeit slightly, for the first time in five months, being affected by consumer spending-related downward pressure due to increases in people infected, although seasonal demand appeared in some parts.

Future outlook: Generally flat trend, while downward pressure increases

It is believed that the economy will gradually level off, while downward pressure increases.

Primary points of survey results(summary)

  1. 1 By industry: Downward pressure on services targeted at individuals due to rebound of COVID-19.
  2. 2 By size: Worsened for the first time in five months in SMEs and small-sized enterprises.
  3. 3 By region: Polarized, with improvement in four regions, and worsening in four regions. Sluggish growth due to postponed travel support measures.
Economic Trends Research, July 2022
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