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Economic Trends Research, September 2022

Domestic economy improved for the second straight month, albeit slightly
— Although increased flow of people due to decreased number of infections contributed, impact of yen depreciation is a cause for concern. —

Overview of September 2022: Slightly improved

The economic diffusion index (DI) in September 2022 was 41.9, up 0.5 points from the previous month, and improved for the second straight month. The domestic economy improved for two months in a row, albeit slightly, with some last-minute demand, etc.

Future outlook: Remain almost unchanged

Although hereafter there are many downward factors such as geopolitical risk, it is expected that positive factors will emerge for normalization of economic conditions, and the economy will remain almost unchanged.

Primary points of survey results(summary)

  1. 1 By industry: Improved in eight industries. Last-minute demand occurred in part before the price increase from October onward.
  2. 2 By size: Improve in “Small to Medium-sized Firms” for the second straight month, but food price rise badly affected “Large Firms”.
  3. 3 By region: Improved in nine of the ten regions. Strong consumer spending-related performance in tourist area.
Economic Trends Research, September 2022
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