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Economic Trends Research, June 2024

Domestic economy worsened for the third consecutive month, the first time in 4 years and 1 month
— Stagnant consumer spending and increased cost burden due to yen depreciation as downward factors —

Trend in June 2024: Three consecutive months of decline

The Economic Diffusion Index (DI) in June 2024 declined by 0.2 points from the previous month to 43.3, marking the third consecutive month of deterioration.
The domestic economy did not improve due to the increased cost burden from yen depreciation and the decline in consumer spending.

Future outlook: Remain unchanged

In the future, the economy is expected to remain relatively flat as there are many negative factors, such as additional interest rate hikes by the Bank of Japan and the continuation of labor shortages.

Primary points of survey results(summary)

  1. 1 By industry: Worsened in 6 out of 10 industries, due to persistently high expenses and a decline in consumer appetite.
  2. 2 By scale: Small to medium-sized firms worsened for three consecutive months, with the accommodation and restaurant industries struggling.
  3. 3 By region: Worsened in 6 out of 10 regions, with the acquisition of tourists from neighboring prefectures determining the varying outcomes.
Economic Trends Research, June 2024
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