Corporate Credit Research

Corporate Credit Research by professionals with over 100 years research history

Business practices in Japan are very unique and disclosure of corporate information in terms of both content and quantity is unfortunately still very limited. Accurate knowledge of the particular customs and culture are thus a must when building trustful relationships with Japanese companies and managing credit risk.
As your first step in conducting business in Japan, we strongly suggest using TDB's highly reliable credit research services for your credit risk management.
Upon request, we also provide credit report for companies outside Japan.

  • POINT 1

    "Visit & Confirm" is to visit the actual place and confirm it directly. This is the policy that TDB continues to protect as a corporate credit research company for over a century. In Corporate Credit Research, field researchers actually visit the companies and summarize the detailed information collected on-site in Corporate Credit Report.

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    TDB has 83 research offices in all prefectures nationwide. We will conduct a prompt research from the nearest research office no matter where target companies are in any region of the whole country.

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    In addition to quantitative information including financial statements, TDB is comparing and analyzing qualitative information such as the position in the industry and the management skills of representatives with information accumulated through our own unique research, and provides the information to customers.

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    In cooperation with top-class research companies familiar with local circumstances in each country, TDB provides high-quality research reports reflecting the business environment which vary in different countries. Please contact us for further details on International Corporate Credit Research.

Types & Contents

Basic items and overall rating

Our reports include the company profile and TDB rating, which is a de facto standard of corporate credit assessment in Japan, as well as its breakdown.

Financial position and fundraising capacity

We provide our customers with the company's financial position, a crucial element in credit risk management, and its fund-raising capacity with information on bad debts recorded in the past year.

Overview and prospects of business environment

We offer descriptions of the company's business, sales breakdown, position in the industry, performance trends and outlook, and future trends.

Financing banks and details of banking transactions

We provide information and comments on the main banking institutions that finance the company, the amount and breakdown of the transactions, the transactions of the main banks that meet the capital needs of the company, and even prospects of the banks' support.

List of business partners and trade terms

Our reports include lists of the company's suppliers and customers as well as terms of payment and collection.If you need a sample report, please click here to download
comprehensive version

The Process of Making Corporate Credit Reports

For more accurate credit research, we gather information from various angles and analyze it.

Research Requests from Customers In order to provide the highly accurate reports, we will conduct the detailed interviews such as purpose of research, etc.

On-Site Research We conduct an on-site research and gather accurate information that cannot get from the existing media.
e.g. Interview with the management team, confirmation of the head office, understanding of business performance and future prospect, financial information, etc.


Unique Information By adding the unique information TDB accumulated for many years, the information in the report is richer.
e.g. Nationwide network, largest corporate database in Japan, various statistical data


Public Information We gather and confirm the information that is widely disclosed.
e.g. Registration information, official information such as submitted materials to public offices, mass media information

Information Gathering and Analyzing Experts with know-how analyze thoroughly the information gathered from various angles and finish the accurate reports.

Corporate Credit Report

We will provide results of credit research, analysis, evaluation, forecast, etc. with comprehensible reports.

<Contents Included in the Report>

Credit scoring
It is the score for companies evaluated on a 100-point scale. As a third party institution, we determine it, whether companies have sound management activity, solvency, and creditworthiness.

Judging the president's management background and leadership

Related group・history
The company history that forecasts the future prospects

Operating records
Judging the profitability from the performances of up to 6 fiscal years ended

Terms of payments/collection, relationships with suppliers/ customers, etc.

Relationships with main banks, fund-raising capacity, etc.

Financial profile
Funds required, bad loan records, etc.

Operation and outlook
Companies' current condition and future prospects

Financial statement・financial analysis
The soundness of company management

Regulations for Handling Company Credit Reports

Teikoku Databank's Company Credit Report contains information of confidential nature and/or property-equivalent value which Teikoku Databank, Ltd. compiled by means of its own expertise. All rights on the information are reserved by Teikoku Databank, Ltd. Therefore, the information is for the internal use of the company and shall never be revealed in any manner whatever to third party.

The copyright on the report is all reserved by Teikoku Databank, Ltd. Teikoku Databank's Company Credit Report shall never be reproduced, leased out, translated, and any other act of whatever nature that would constitute an infringement of the copyright shall be prohibited.

If the company fails to observe any of the terms specified above, and divulges the information contained in the report and/or infringes on the copyright, the company shall compensate Teikoku Databank, Ltd. for any and every loss, damage or dispute arising therefrom.
The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance in case of any lawsuit between the company and Teikoku Databank, Ltd.

Teikoku Databank, Ltd. does not guarantee the correctness of the report and shall not be liable for any loss or injury whatever caused by the use of information contained in the report.

This regulations, "Regulations for Handling Company Credit Reports", shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Japan.