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Custom-made research for your various requests on any business scene.

The integrated marketing service ATTACK is a customized service that meets individual needs of our customers with TDB's unique research skills and nationwide network developed through corporate credit researches extending over more than a century.

When conducting a marketing research, people often tend to rely solely on numerals, but TDB goes further. By focusing on field research, TDB is able to provide marketing services where one can get a clear picture of the actual situation with all the little nuances. We ask our customers about their needs beforehand and after careful assessment, we choose the most appropriate method from a list of possibilities to obtain accurate research results.

Whether it is the launch of a new business, the penetration into a new market, launch of a new product, or even global expansion, TDB supports our customers' start of new business through market research that meet their expectations. For overseas market researches, please contact us.

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Research Examples

Launch of a New Business

Research on the needs of beauty treatment clinics

We put together a list of companies who operate beauty treatment clinics, gathered information on subjects such as market trends, problems, customer needs, and average customer transactions, and used these data as reference material for the launch of a new branch.

Site Location Analysis for the establishment of a supermarket

We put together a list of competing companies who manage stores such as supermarkets surrounding the site location where the new supermarket is scheduled to be built, and studied trends in sales figures and number of customers etc.

Research on the current situation of the recycling business

We put together a list of recycling-related businesses and studied the current problems, earnings conditions, and future prospects.

Market trends research of nursing care services

We studied the current earnings conditions and satisfaction level of current systems within nursing care service companies.

Search for new customers

Research on the current situation surrounding introduction of international communications

We studied international communications from various perspectives such as users' trends, satisfaction levels of current users, and future inclinations of users.

Research on the present situation of companies regarding business that supports e-commerce

We put together a list of major parts manufacturers of all types, and the level of influence the development of e-commerce has on them, the present situation surrounding the adoption of e-commerce, and future adoption plans.

Research on the present situation regarding provision of feeding services in health care centers

We put together a list of health care centers and nursing homes and studied the present situation regarding provision of feeding services at these facilities, whether they are ordered to outside manufacturers or prepared within the facilities, and unit prices.

Listing: We pinpoint your targets

"I want to find a distributor in Japan for my products" "Are there any manufacturers that would manufacture my products?" The answers to such requests are provided by Teikoku Databank by putting together a target list for businesses in search of new customers and new partners. In order to efficiently carry out business activities, compiling a list of companies that meet the target conditions is an effective method. TDB carefully extracts companies that match the conditions specified by the customer from the extensive corporate information database that contains approximately 2 million companies and creates address tags or lists. In addition, TDB performs text mining with specific keywords, using the corporate credit report database, which allows the creation of lists of companies that belong to niche or new industries that used to be impossible to extract with past methods. Furthermore, TDB also provides package data of popular industries, such as data that include only newly established companies, data on 100 yen stores and drugstores. Please contact us for details.

* Prices are different depending on the number of extracted companies. Please contact us for further details on estimates.

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